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Spinner 2013 Global Grant "Interventions for human resources qualification in the research and technological innovation sectors" is the programme of the Emilia-Romagna Region established to promote the upgrade and qualification of knowledge and competences of people operating in R&D, technology transfer and innovation and to create a community where people are the core of innovation processes for the development of a new knowledge-based society.

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Consorzio Spinner - Via Jacopo Barozzi 6/E - 40126 Bologna
Telefono: +39.0516014300 - Fax: +39.051532691 - Email: info@spinner.it
C.F./P.IVA: 02107671204 - Iscritta al R.E.A. 413170
Iscritta al Registro delle Imprese C.C.I.A.A. Bologna 60784